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- LED displays have already replaced the incandescent LED traffic

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- LED Glass Tube
 LED displays have already replaced the incandescent LED traffic Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

. LED started as a single small source of energy that could be easily powered by very low energy sources such as batteries. The cost of LED is still 3-5 times the cost of the best existing light sources but it is acceptable considering the long-term advantages. One of the most emerging applications of LED is the LED display boards that are used in gas stations, malls, railways stations, bus terminals, stores, playgrounds and many other places where we need to display a message. With the advancements in the manufacturing processes and rise of LED manufacturing industry around the world, the price has gradually come down to an affordable range. The developing countries are also catching up slowly, trying to utilize on the dropping prices of the LEDs. LED gas sign and other LED products with its long life and energy savings can easily make up for its high cost in a few years. The major T5 Fluorescent Lamp hurdle in adopting this technology was the price. These display boards are extremely affordable and comes with a long life. Gradually, the LED technology grew to find applications in television screens, lighting homes and industries. LED has to be one of the most energy efficient technologies that find applications in a very large domain. Initially, the prices of LED that could provide significant amount of light were more than 10 times the cost of the traditional sources LED Tube China of light. The problem of cost is mainly in those areas where we wish to use LED in place of incandescent lamps, halogens, CFL etc. The actual utility of these boards comes into play in places where you want to display a message that is constantly changing such as in case of gas stations where they are used as LED gas price display systems. An LED gas display can be used outdoors without worrying about the harsh weather conditions.Light Emitting Diode (LED) leads the way towards the future where we are desperately looking for energy efficient devices. LED displays have already replaced the incandescent LED traffic signs in more than 50% of the cities of the United States. Soon, all the traditional traffic signs and signals would be completely replaced by the advanced LED signs and signals. LED gas displays can easily last long even in the dynamic external environments. The applications continue to grow as we have LED displays, LED traffic signals or traffic LED sign, LED watches and more. The same scenario prevails in most of the developed countries around the world.

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